External Pond Pumps

Compare the External and Submersible Pond Pumps

Submersible Pond Pumps – Pumps keep freshwater pond which is essential for ponds with fish, such as the Koi, and for running fountains and waterfalls. There are two primary types of water pumps for the ponds: submersible and external. Submersible pumps are installed in the water and are generally fit for smaller ponds. Its ease of use is often praised, especially when it comes to easy connections to pond hoses. External pumps can be more expensive, but they are often needed for larger ponds. In addition, external pumps can offer energy savings in the long term.

Measure the size of your pond. You can use a submersible pump for a small pond, but you may want an external pump for a large one. How many gallons of water are in the pond? Think about your energy expenditure. If you have a small pool, less water has to be pumped and it is more reasonable to use a submersible pump. These points are of special relevance for ponds over 1,000 gallons.

Find out the specific energy ratings on the pumps you are considering. A rough estimate is that a submersible pump of 4,000 gallons per hour will draw 10 to 15 amps, while a comparable external pump will draw only two or three amps. Think about your connections. Submersible pumps offer connections to most hose systems, but if you already have the hoses, you need to make sure that things are properly connected. If you do not have hoses yet, then you can expect submersible pumps, on average, to provide a less difficult set-up task, as opposed to external hoses.