Block Fence Panels

Cinder Block and Wood Fence Ideas

Cinder block and wood fence is suitable for recycling and reuse as decorative and utility items in the home and garden. Think of wood as distressed wood and use it as single boards or in sections. Capitalize on the fence s age characteristics and mark them in the project plan.


Connect the fence sections with hinges and paint the fence to match the room’s interior. Use the screen to create a visual boundary between a kitchen and breakfast area, or between the sides of a shared bedroom. Hang an extra blanket over it in the bedroom. Instead of attaching the hinges, it fences sections of the fan to a screen, attaching them so that the fence becomes a U-shape. Use U-shaped fence sections to make a “garden” for wood in the living room.


Using sections of design wood fence in a room adds a rustic or western touch. Create wainscoting from the fence by nailing painted or unpainted parts to the lower third of the walls around the room. A white fence suggests the countryside, so continue the country theme throughout your interior. Use distressed furniture, pale blue and green for coloring and flower accessories. Leave a board fence in its natural state and decorate the room with overfilled leather furniture, wooden beams and Native American leather cases.