Pond Cleaning

This Is the Reason Why Pond Cleaning

Pond cleaning- the filter has the function of enriching the water with dissolved oxygen, an operation that occurs through the circulation of water. The elimination of nitrates is not ensured by the filters. This is the reason why the aquatic plants of bank are indispensable, and a lagooning of the most desirable. The ultraviolet lamp, sometimes integrated in the filter block cover, is placed between the pump outlet and the filter inlet.

The radiation it produces blocks the proliferation of algae, which are then stopped and then broken down at the filters. There is a very large choice of models of design and variable capacity. For small to medium tanks (<12m3), you can use a compact filter. Complete, generally equipped with an integrated UV lamp, these models filter the water efficiently if the number of fish is reasonable.

The foam blocks that equip them ensure proper mechanical filtration. If your pond exceeds 12,000 liters, get closer to a professional. This specialist will advise you the appropriate equipment (vortex, multi-chamber, barrel filter, moving bed …). The period of filtration extending from early spring to autumn, it will be necessary during the restart to purge the filter and rinse it well, otherwise the pond water will be polluted.