Cedar Creek House Tiny Southern Living

Great Possibility to Summer Tiny House Ideas

Are you planning to expand the summer tiny house ideas? In the book Small houses now! We wants to show that big visions can create small houses. Click through the sweep and let yourself be inspired to the next garden shed, or summer cottage. Reportages on smart little houses and copy for their amenities and decoration … It is not because the square meters are lacking that the decor ideas are limited. On the contrary!

The narrow shelves that go up to the ceiling offer a great possibility to create storage spaces just as well in tight spaces. With diverse materials, we can adapt shelves or bookcases to our personal style. If for lack of space in the cellar, no wine cellar is possible, the bottles can also be installed in the kitchen area in shelves. Particularly high quality: the own wine fridge that creates the optimal conditions for different wines.

The students among us know the problem: Sometimes we have to install in a single space all that we need to live there. So, flexible furniture makes sense and can serve simultaneously as a room divider and a bookcase. Small houses with little space often have the problem that spaces are quickly disordered. Our tip: Already in the planning provide enough storage space. So, it will no doubt give a tidy look at home.