45 Degree Angled Deer Fence

How to Install Electric Fence For Deer

Electric Fence For Deer – Deer are beautiful animals, but they can leave your garden in a not so beautiful state after you have finished grazing on it. An electric fence, a good construction, can be an effective deterrent for deer. Another type of fence will also work, but it will probably require more money and effort to build than an electric fence. Take some time before building the fence to observe the habits and preferred routes of the deer, so you can make your fence as effective as possible.

Unit of fence posts on the ground at 6-foot intervals. Deer can jump as high as 8 feet in the air, so if you really want an effective fence you will have to do it that high, which means you will need fence posts at least 10 feet long. Climbing a ladder as a friend stabilizes for you so you can get high enough to drive the poles into the ground. Reinforce the messages if necessary by driving short messages at a 45-degree angle and wiring or screwing them to the uprights.

Chain the cable into the poles at 12-inch intervals. You will need to connect the cables to the poles using special insulated connectors to avoid grounding the electrical current. Connect the cables to the battery if you are building your fence in a remote location that is far from an outlet. Otherwise, connect the system to an electrical outlet, making sure to follow all instructions for the use of your power cord. Hang a pair of bright orange ribbons on your electric fence in order to warn your presence so they do not run into it and receive a shock.