Amazing Lilly Pond

How to Grow Yellow Lilly Pond

Lilly pond – As the name implies, the pond of the yellow lily, also known as spatter dock, grows in ponds and other somewhat fixed bodies of water, such as lakes and some rivers. During the spring, a yellow pond blooms the lily of the roots below the sediments at the bottom of the pond, pushes up through the water and rests on the surface of the water. If you want to grow a yellow lily pond, you can plant it by itself, and, once planted, yellow pond lilies tend to multiply on their own.

Provide your pond with lots of sunlight. If the pond is in the shade for most of the day, cut the branches of nearby trees or plants that shade the pond so that the pond gets six to eight hours of direct sunlight per day, that the pond Yellow lily needs to germinate and grow. Scattering seeds of the pond of the lily, yellow or rhizomes, on the surface of the water of the pond. Once you separate the seed or rhizomes, do nothing. The seeds or rhizomes sink automatically to the bottom of the pond, embed in the muddy bottom and begin to germinate on their own.

Dig the bottom soil of the pond or your land and fill a solid plastic or seeder clay. Do not use a pot that decomposes once planted, which contradicts the goal of container planting. Also, do not use potting soil, which does not provide the right pond culture environment for yellow lilies.