About Pond Filter Type

The Best of Fish Pond Filters

Fish pond filters – In a garden pond, you have to recreate an ecosystem , a balance between aquatic fauna and flora. If it is broken, the fish die and the algae proliferate to the detriment of ornamental plants of the basin. Regular maintenance, specific to each season, helps maintain this balance and make you enjoy the best of your water. The pH : ideally it is between 5 and 8. If the pH becomes too acidic, it is sign that the organic matter is in excess: the fish are in overbook or the filter is clogged.

And if the pH becomes basic, the water is not sufficiently ventilated, it stagnates and lacks oxygen.  How to keep a clear water? It is important for your plants and fish to benefit from sunlight, the water should not be soiled by dead leaves, or any other floating waste on the surface.

The pond water must be fully filtered in less than 3 hours, choose a pond filter accordingly, corresponding to the area of ​​your body of water. The pond filter pump should be cleaned regularly, every season. Pour the watering can into the mouth of the outlet, removing dirt from the entrance. Remove the filters and clean them individually. If necessary, replace them with a replacement filter kit .