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How to Hide the Ugly Window Frame

If you own your home, totally replacing an ugly window frame is the best solution to that decoration problem. But if you are looking for a quick or live solution in a rental that cannot be modified, your window treatment is the best way to hide the window frame. The basis of this project is simply to expand the area covered by the curtains that hang outside and on the frame and not inside it. Add a cornice or valance, if desired, to cover the upper part of the frame. You might be able to modify your existing curtains and bars and avoid spending the new ones.

The frame window of the same color and brightness as the wall. This eliminates the contrast and the frame of the mixture as perfectly as possible, reducing the visibility through the fabric of the curtain. Decide if you want a cornice, a valance or simply a simple rod. If you prefer a valance or a simple rod, the rod should be of the decorative variety with pieces that combine with your decoration. The bar itself must be the same color as other hardware in the room.

Install the rod according to the instructions included, but extend the dimensions beyond the window frame. For plain bars, install them about three or four inches above the top of the frame to allow the top flange panels. For borders, install them high enough that the top of the frame will not show through the Gala part of the booty.