How To Build A Koi Pond

Koi Pond Waterfall Decoration Ideas

A koi pond and koi pond waterfall can bring a touch of serenity to any yard. What serenity can be further improved and expanded to create a showy oasis that highlights the pond as the centerpiece of your yard. You can opt for a natural look that helps the pond blend into the style of the surrounding landscape. Or go for a wild and eccentric look that will make your pond stand out.

Waterfalls or fountains can be the most time consuming koi pond decor, but they are also easily the most striking. You can create your own koi ponds waterfall or fountain. These by connecting to water pump to push the water over a set of rocks or other objects that you have set in the form of a waterfall or a fountain.

You can also buy koi pond waterfall kits and pond cascades that use fiberglass rocks and basins. Don’t worry, fiberglass is usually fashioned to look natural, but you can paint with waterproof plastic paint to add to the jazziness of the pond. Keep in mind that pumps need electricity to run. So an outdoor extension, which can be hidden under an edge of shrubs or stones, is usually a must for such decors.