Practical House Warming Gift Ideas

How to Wrap House Warming Gift Ideas

Sometimes the perfect house warming gift ideas for a bachelorette party is one that seems impossible to beat. Something like a table lamp, hat tree or ironing board that is large and a difficult shape do not fit into a traditional wedding gift bag. Trying to swipe large gifts with wrapping paper can seem like a waste and will be difficult to do well if the gift is not in a box. Wrapping great gifts requires some creativity and a willingness to use alternative materials and methods.


Gift Wrap Material

Wrap the house warming gift in many sheets of tissue. Although tissue is prone to demolition, it is much easier to manipulate than heavy wrapping paper when wrapping sensitive parts such as a lampshade. In addition, tissue is cheap, so you can go through a whole package without spending much. Wrap big gift in white tulle. Although you will be able to look through tulle, it is a familiar bridal material and will fit well into a bachelorette party.

Using many layers of tulle or wrap gift loosely in tissue and then in tulle will make this a surprise. Tulle is a perfect warming gift ideas material because it is cheap and is very strong. Put the gift in a big bag. Although gift bags may not be large enough, there are many other types of bags that act as poison wrappers. Colored plastic bags or simple white garbage bags can hide the gift and serve as a canvas for additional embellishments. Another option is to buy or sew a large fabric bag to keep the gift.