Exterior Shutter Open

Beautiful Exterior House Shutters Ideas

With a house facade in stone, plastered or colored, your home deserves jewels to beautify it. Exterior house shutters ideas are not only essential exterior joinery … They also play an essential role in outdoor wall decoration! Watch for a moment the front door that you have before your eyes. You see it every day and you do not really pay attention, yet it plays a key role in the decoration of your facade.

Lapeyre offers two ranges with different designs: contemporary entry doors and authentic entry doors. Distinct in their lines and aesthetics, these two styles of exterior doors can be combined with all types of home facades. Or conversely, dare a resolutely contemporary model with the entrance doors exotic wood Minsk or PVC Etel.

You ask the shutters to be insulated, to not let the light filter or to protect your home effectively.  But the shutters also represent an essential decorative element of a facade. Aged or damaged, they penalize the style of the whole house. Consider using their potential by playing on the materials, colors and types of flap opening. A shutter brings a modern touch, while the shutters wood shutters impose for a more traditional result. Check our gallery to inspire you!