Steps for Home Window Tinting Ideas

Home Window Tinting – There are a lot of great reasons to have your moving glass doors tinted. Tinting doors offer privacy, you can allow the sun’s heat to enter your home but reduce glare and dyeing material can also help to reinforce your window and prevent small pieces from flying if the window should be broken. You can dye your own sliding glass door and save money on the costs you would have to pay a professional to do the job.

Purchase enough material dye to cover your sliding glass window doors. To make sure you buy enough, measure the exposed surface of the window of the doors and then buy the 10% more material in case of making any mistakes during the installation. Measure and cut your window dyeing the film with scissors so that it exactly matches your sliding glass doors.

Wipe down your sliding glass doors with a damp cloth to clean them from the larger debris outside the window. Get Liberally Ammoniacal window cleaner on the doors and then dry well with a towel. Do not continue to the next action until your moving glass doors are totally dry. Install window-dyed material on your sliding glass doors. Use a small roll of dyed material to help work the air pockets and protrusions that develop under the dyed material. Use the straight edge of the metal to soften the dyed material out completely and make it clear against the glass.