Paint Wooden Shadow Box Fence

Great Ideas Shadow Box Fence Panel

Shadow box fence panel – Vertical gardens are the urban response to cramming much of nature into a small space. If you do not have a patio, you can green your patio, your living room or a corner of the kitchen with a central panel. The succulents are very forgiving and fill a garden panel with interesting patterns and colors. It is easy to buy a ready made succulent panel frame or make your own from an old shadow box.

Buy or make a frame to hold succulents. One approach is to easily adapt an old shade box into a vertical succulent frame by removing the glass or plastic from the hinged front cover. Staple the hardware screen inside the cover, along the entire opening. Add an extra strong hook to close the hinged lid and prevent it from opening once it is planted and hung on a wall. Or simply screw the lid with the screen directly to the back section of the shade box after filling it with cactus media.

Pick up or buy small succulent cuts. If you have a generous garden friends or with a green thumb, save money by breaking a new growth, called puppies, leaving at least one 1/4 inch shank. Leave the puppies to acclimate for a couple of days. Fill the box with half of cactus moistened. The suitcases up to the wire mesh filter. Push the small plants, the stem first, into the holes in the screen and the moist soil underneath.