2 Bedroom House Plans Ideas

Unique and Natural Light House Ideas

Everywhere in the house ideas, a unique and natural light flows into the villa through the large, beautiful windows, which are a common feature of architecture. As soon as you enter the door of this unique villa, your visual senses will be positively inspired by the impressive stairway solution in the villa’s hall. The stairs lead up to the house 1 floor with spacious living room, bathroom, bedroom and a 79 m² roof terrace.

On the ground floor the villa is furnished with four rooms, bathroom and kitchen / family room with access to the living room. Outside, it is not only the villa that is built in cubist design, it also applies to the design of the terrace and the choice of tiles. A nice detail that complements the architecture. The dark room corridor is not known after it has got skylights.

The original door between kitchen-living room and hallway has been removed and replaced with large sliding doors that go from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. The cement plaster floor binds the rooms together into a visual entity.  What started out as a nightmare of an insurance case has ended with a new architect-designed first floor and a completely harmonious house.