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Functions of Fish Pond Pumps and Filters

Pond Pumps And Filters – Fish ponds are a popular addition to the gardens around the world. Whether you store any koi of goldfish, a fish pond needs clean water with a constant supply of oxygen if it is to continue to sustain life. In nature, these requirements must meet natural characteristics, such as a stream or a waterfall, and a local ecosystem that maintains the proper balance of chemicals in the water. As these do not exist in a gardening pond, it is necessary to replicate their effects using pumps and filters.

A pump in a fish pond is there to supply oxygen in the water in the pond. Although oxygen is used by fish to breathe, they are not the only beneficiaries. The pond filter, if it is a biological filter, contains bacteria that require oxygen to survive and continue to clean the water in the pond. Therefore, the pond pump is an essential component of your fish pond.

Pond filters are used to remove chemicals such as ammonia and other nitrates based on water nitrates. These are waste products caused by the decomposition of organic matter, such as leaves and fish food, as well as a waste product from the fish themselves. If you stop building, these chemicals quickly reach toxic levels, killing the fish in the pond.