Wonderful Glass Window Film

Stained Glass Window Film Decorative

Stained glass window film – Ordinary transparent glass can be transformed into anything from a temporary vacation screen to a permanent artistic accessory, adding a distinctive look to a window. There are a number of methods that can be used to decorate your window glass. Base the method used in the aspect you want to achieve. Regardless of the shape you choose, be sure to thoroughly clean the glass before you begin.

Add a layer of decorative glass window film as a way to add color provide a privacy barrier. Window films come in a wide range of models, photos and color options. Measure the section of the window, where the film will go. Cut a piece of film that is at least 1 inch wider and longer than your measurements. Place the window film based on the specific instructions of your product. Run a utility knife along the edge of the cup where it meets the frame to remove any excess film.

Create a permanent decorative image on the window glass that does not let light in, use enamel paint. Use acrylic paint to make a temporary design. Paint a picture that occupies the entire window or add a decorative border to create embellishment.  Create a stained glass effect in your window. Use colored glass paint for permanent decoration or create a temporary one with laundry starch and tissue paper.