Can You Electrocute Yourself By Peeing On Electric Fence

Do peeing on electric fence can cause you to be electrocuted? For an electric shock to occur, the electric current of the fence would have to follow the pee until it reaches the meon. The problems would start there. Many fatalistic people say yes, and justify it with a real fact. The urine conducts electricity and, therefore, the electric shock can be produced. But to the point of electrocuting you by peeing in an electric go? The truth is that the thing is not so simple.

First, the hypothesis that someone dies in the situation of peeing on electric fence reddit is ruled out by the experts. “Although the voltage of being high [around 8 thousand volts], the electric current that would produce the shock is low, in the order of a few milliseconds of amperes. It would not be enough to kill a person, “says physicist Claudio Furukawa of USP. In addition, the way in which the pee leaves our body at a distance reduces the risk of someone being electrocuted by peeing on an electric fence. For electrical shock to occur, the electrical current of the fence would have to follow the pee until it reached the meon.

The problem is that the urine leaves the body as a continuous stream, but soon it becomes drops. The interval between the drops breaks the conductivity of the electric current. If the person were very close to the fence, the pee would not have time for the return of the drops and the current could reach it. But the electric fence shock would not be fatal. Generally electrical fences have an eletrifier that produces electric shocks only every 1.2 seconds. This prevents the person from being stuck to the electric fence after the crash.