Pond Underlayment

Preformed Pond Liners With Bio Edge

Preformed Pond Liners – Previously formed pools have been distant since the days when the choice was between rectangular, circular or “natural” pools. If the incentives for wildlife are one of your priorities, and, it is said, there are now a number of formed pools that now have better margins built in shape. Some have shallow sloping trays with the bottom of the gravel that can form the perfect entrance and exit for frogs and frogs that inhabit the friendly nature of water from your wildlife.

The latest term I want to describe is called “Bio Edge”. This is an area around the perimeter that is only a few inches wide, about eight inches deep and has a narrow retaining wall that almost reaches the surface. The idea is that you can put the compost in the tub and then plant marginal plants and grow on the banks that make a perfect transition between soil and water open to all wildlife that comes and goes. Wetlands are an increasingly scarce environment in the UK today and any small swampland created in homes and gardens will help provide an important oasis for green trees that have evolved to take advantage of such environments.

The Bio pool also solves the problem of poolside closure which is often the weakest point in creating the illusion of a natural looking pool in your garden. There are no special considerations when digging excavations into a previously formed bio pool, you just have to put it into a regular hole, fill the gap with soil and sand and then plant a marginal area with native swamp plants that will spread and form a small bed for water.