Screen Frame Window

Replacement Window Screens For Aluminum Screen

Finally, all window screens require some type of repair or replacement. Replacement window screens is a relatively simple and inexpensive process, it is generally more cost effective to replace the entire screen instead of doing patchwork repairs. Just starting with remove the screen from the window panel and place it on a smooth flat surface. Using a flat head screwdriver, gently start by lifting the spline from the screen. Which is the thin rubber wire keeps the screen in place.

Once you have a few inches raised, you can easily take out the rest. Measure and cut the screen. When measuring, add 2 inches to the height and width. As you will need some excess screen when the spline replacement begins. Arrange the new window screen frame. Making sure that they have aligned the corners to keep the screen knitting straight. Cover the screen to the frame, pulling tight as you go. Using the convex wheel of the screen roller tool, screen strength in the slot goes all the way around the window.

Do not release the screen from the edges with tape. Install the new strip of the screen. This time you will use the concave wheel on your screen roller tool. Apply a fair amount of pressure that pushes the strip into the slot. Continue all the way around the structure until with the ends. Remove the tape from the edges of the frame. With the appropriate knife or scissors, adjust the excess screen. And the window screens repair was done.