How To Build A Koi Pond

Koi Pond Waterfall Decoration Ideas

A koi pond and koi pond waterfall can bring a touch of serenity to any yard. What serenity can be further improved and expanded to create a showy oasis that highlights the pond as the centerpiece of your yard. You can opt for a natural look that helps the pond blend into the style of the surrounding landscape. Or go for a wild and eccentric look that will make your pond stand out.

Waterfalls or fountains can be the most time consuming koi pond decor, but they are also easily the most striking. You can create your own koi ponds waterfall or fountain. These by connecting to water pump to push the water over a set of rocks or other objects that you have set in the form of a waterfall or a fountain.

You can also buy koi pond waterfall kits and pond cascades that use fiberglass rocks and basins. Don’t worry, fiberglass is usually fashioned to look natural, but you can paint with waterproof plastic paint to add to the jazziness of the pond. Keep in mind that pumps need electricity to run. So an outdoor extension, which can be hidden under an edge of shrubs or stones, is usually a must for such decors.

Garden Gazebo Weights

Garden Gazebo Plans for Sale

A Garden gazebo can be a great addition to your garden and you can find many gazebo plans for sale that will greatly help you in building a gazebo. A gazebo can serve many purposes. You can create a large gazebo that will allow you to have a dinner party or a meeting with friends and family. Or you can come with a small gazebo where you can spend time alone while sipping coffee.

Build Garden gazebo is complex and that is why the gazebo blueprint plays an important role in making the gazebo. Planning should be your primary step. To achieve professional results, you should plan in advance what kind of gazebo you want. You will find many gazebo plans for sale so you can choose from there as well. Determine the size of the gazebo that will depend on your purpose of building it. If you want to have a small dinner party or friends get together then a 12 to 14-foot gazebo will do it. The otherwise smaller size will work for you too.

Look for a flat place in your garden. Check for dirt and debris and make sure it is clean and flat. Foundation is very important for every building. So for a long lasting foundation, make sure it is leveled and then place the concrete footing. Use the concrete beams for a foothold to be stronger and longer lasting. However, if it will be Garden gazebo temporary then normal support will also do for the surface of the gazebo. However, we recommend using a concrete footing because of its durability.


HZ Foodsta Tempat Makan dan Nongkrong Untuk Semua Kalangan

Kali ini gua bakalan ngasih tau sebuah tempat yang baru beberapa bulan ini jadi tempat quality time yang populer ditasikmalaya.

HZ Foodsta

Sesuai namanya tempat ini sangat cocok untuk para food lovers yang gemar mengexplore kuliner tasikmalaya, Karna HZ foodsta menyediakan 33 food court makanan dan minuman yang bisa kalian papay dalam satu tempat.

Pengunjung bisa memilih spot tempat duduk mulai dari area outdoor, indoor atapun lantai 2 yang bebas untuk ditempati.

Lantai Pertama

Lantai Pertama adalah tempat food court yang paling banyak sekaligus tempat utama dari HZ foodsta, Spot indoor dan outdoor saling bersampingan dilantai pertama ini.

Lantai Pertama ini biasanya paling ramai dikunjungi oleh metizen pada saat weekend tiba, Karena live music hadir menemani pengunjung sampai caffe ini ditutup pukul 22:00 WIB.

Lantai Dua

Di lantai 2 terdapat 2 spot yang dikhususkan untuk anak- anak dan remaja puber.

Lantai ini didesain sedemikain rupa untuk menyenangkan anak balita dan ABG yang sedang menjadi bucin.

Sayangnya di lantai 2 ini Hz foodsta hanya menyediakan 2 food court saja, yang terdiri dari Food Court Gelato dan Coffe Shop “BARETO”.

Nah kebetulan kemarin gua kesini tuh duduknya di area outdoor. Sambil pesen ngga tau nasi apaaan lupa namanya.

Dan Sefruit Honey Milk yang rasanya ga jauh beda sama Thai tea thai tea – an

Makan sambil diiringi live music diarea outdoor itu mempunyai sensasi khas tersendiri, Which is (wkwk) kamu bakalan menikmati setiap suapan dan tegukan dari makanan yang kamu pesen (Muehehe).

Hal hal seperti inilah yang emang gua selalu cari, ketika akumulasi ruwet kuliah dan kerja datang melanda.

Dan makanan dan minuman disini tuh menurut gua menyesuain banget dengan budget para pengunjung.

Karna gua lihat-lihat dari yang murah sampai yang ngga murah itu banyak banget haha,

I meant jangan takut dompet jebol kalo dateng kesini karna harga harga makanannya terpampang nyata dari kejauhan sehingga kita bisa ngira ngira sesuai budget yang kita miliki.

Well segitu dulu review dari gua mengenai HZ foodsta , Kuy cobain lah kesana tempat enak buat nongkrong ringan sama pacaran.

Choose Floor Couch Sets

Find Colorful Couches of Your Dreams

Colorful couches – Choosing a sofa is probably one of the most difficult things when you put your furniture inside. The sofa imposes part of the style of your home, so it is important to make the choice that suits you. In addition, its price is generally high, it is better not to be wrong. Here is a selection of sofa ideas to inspire you and help you find the sofa of your dreams. To give your living room a warm atmosphere with your couch, turn to energetic shades, but lean toward the dark such as purple, blue, or green.

Moreover, if you select velvet to coat your sofa, the cocooning aspect will be reinforced. To match the decor and the desired mood, head for murals with muted tones such as a taupe or slightly dark such as light brown.

As for the floor, the parquet or the carpet will be part of the objective to provide you with a lounge where you will be well. Finally, it is not because your couch is dressed in a vitamin color that it must be without accessories. Add cushions to shades of shades in the sofa to create a shades or shades to create a slight contrast.

Benjamin Moore Exterior House Paint

Pretty Exterior House Paint Ideas

Exterior house paint ideas – We all think, when it comes to decorating our home and creating a comfortable and personal home, to the color we want to choose for our walls, the flooring, or our tiles … too often, we forget that the facades of our houses have the right, too, to adorn themselves with colors! We have concocted a small selection of painting ideas for our homes, in order to fight against the gray ambient with big strokes of color on the facades!

Any house facade may be painted, in whole or in part, whether of wood, concrete or still masonry. Only thing to remember: facades made of natural stone do not paint, the stone needs to breathe and may degrade otherwise. A definite advantage of wood frame houses: wood is easy to paint, varnish or skate, allowing all ideas of painting, even the craziest, to be applied to the facades of our homes.

This contemporary wooden house project presents very minimalist and graphic lines: its modular structure lends itself perfectly to a cubist interpretation! One of the volumes was therefore fully painted in bright red, reinforcing the character of the house and accentuating its design look. The doors and shutters were painted in a matching white, bringing unity to the whole: a detail that would be too fast to fly over!

Small Hose Pipe

Installing the Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel

Wall mounted garden hose reel is available in a wall mounted version and a guy who is sitting on the floor. Both types contain an internal wheel and an external crank, which wraps the hose around the wheel when it is turned on. Mounted coils are usually placed on the side of the house and offer the advantage of not taking up space in a patio or terrace.

Select a location on the outside of the house, where the short connection hose, always with the spool, will reach an external water tap. Turn on a beam detector and hold it against the wall. Keep the coil wall plate to the side of the house at the location of the wooden posts. Insert a 1/8 inch drill bit into a hole. Drill a hole 2 inches deep in the market place with a pencil. Attach the mounting plate to the wall and align the screw holes with the holes in the wall.

Insert a drive screw through the front of a screw hole. Tighten the screw almost all the way in the use of a hexagonal wrench. Insert the other three square head screws in the same manner and then squeeze them. Lift the loading tube, which is the short piece of tube that comes with the hose reel. Pick up the circular main part of the hose reel and slide the center opening. Connect the free end of the connection hose to the external water tap. Connect the male end of the garden hose to the central rotating union on the spool.

Can You Electrocute Yourself By Peeing On Electric Fence

Do peeing on electric fence can cause you to be electrocuted? For an electric shock to occur, the electric current of the fence would have to follow the pee until it reaches the meon. The problems would start there. Many fatalistic people say yes, and justify it with a real fact. The urine conducts electricity and, therefore, the electric shock can be produced. But to the point of electrocuting you by peeing in an electric go? The truth is that the thing is not so simple.

First, the hypothesis that someone dies in the situation of peeing on electric fence reddit is ruled out by the experts. “Although the voltage of being high [around 8 thousand volts], the electric current that would produce the shock is low, in the order of a few milliseconds of amperes. It would not be enough to kill a person, “says physicist Claudio Furukawa of USP. In addition, the way in which the pee leaves our body at a distance reduces the risk of someone being electrocuted by peeing on an electric fence. For electrical shock to occur, the electrical current of the fence would have to follow the pee until it reached the meon.

The problem is that the urine leaves the body as a continuous stream, but soon it becomes drops. The interval between the drops breaks the conductivity of the electric current. If the person were very close to the fence, the pee would not have time for the return of the drops and the current could reach it. But the electric fence shock would not be fatal. Generally electrical fences have an eletrifier that produces electric shocks only every 1.2 seconds. This prevents the person from being stuck to the electric fence after the crash.

Corner Wooden Deck Stain Colors

Choosing Sherwin Williams Deck Stain Colors

Sherwin Williams deck stain colors are exposed to the elements day after day in all weather. Without proper treatment tires can look weathered and old and may need to be replaced much earlier than a tire that is cleaned and sealed regularly. The time and money to maintain a tire will pay off in the form of many years of enjoyment.

Preparing Deck

Remove all furniture, toys, grills, planting or other objects from the surface of the tire. Sweep the area with a hard brush to remove leaves, dust or dirt. Spray whole tires down with a garden hose to remove any remaining dirt. Protect any surrounding plants with plastic wrap.

Tire cleaning

The best method for deck stain colors depends on the tire condition. For a lightly soiled tire, a commercially available tire cleaning product can be applied with a vigorous roller and rinsed with water. If the tire shows a lot of wear or dirt, use a high pressure washer for best results. Use the setting fan on the washer to avoid damage to the surface. The tire can be colored if desired. For best results use an oil-based bed to achieve more long-lasting results than with a water-based stain. Avoid solid stains as they do not stand well for regular pedestrian traffic and will require frequent touch ups.

2019 Color Trends Home

Best Bedroom Paint Colors for a Good Sleep

Best bedroom paint colors – What atmosphere will you create in your bedroom? Bright and airy or dark and cozy? If you just start from what you like, the result will probably be good. A bright bedroom can actually make it easier to wake up. Bright shades on walls, floor, ceiling and moldings provide a spacious and airy feel. For example, if you choose to paint white, it can have a nice effect of working with different gloss levels.

Matte walls are super nice with shiny panels. It can also be a nice detail to paint with a template or a pattern of the same color as the wall, but with a different shine. The contrast between the math and the glossy changes with the light. You can also use different types of lighting in the room – from ceiling lights to spot lighting and candles.

If you prefer a darker and cozier room, choose subdued and slightly heavier colors. A subdued blue, green or gray color is beautiful and has a calming effect, which fits in well in bedrooms. As with the bright colors, it becomes really nice if you mix matte and glossy surfaces. It is also nice to paint tone in tone, ie take the color that you like, and then choose a darker and a lighter tone of it.

How To Take Great Pictures That Get Attention

With the growing movement toward online photo albums and social networking websites, it is no wonder that more and more people are becoming interested in photography. However, many of those people are not yet confident in their skills and abilities behind the camera. It’s up to you to take the time to gather as much knowledge as possible, giving yourself the tools you need to take amazing photographs time and time again. These tips will put you on the fast track to better photography.

Learn how to play with the shutter speed. You can choose to snap a quick picture or choose a slower exposure to capture a flow or movement in its entirety. You will need to experiment with this and find what kind of speed matches certain situations. This is a matter of personal style rather than a general guideline to follow.

Be aware that the weather will influence your pictures. You might not realize it when you take the picture, but a dark sky will give a very gloomy atmosphere to your picture. Compose your pictures accordingly and let the weather inspire you for interesting creations. You can also wait for different kind of weather before you take pictures.

Use the right lens for the job. If you are photographing a landscape, for example, you need a wide-angle lens that will let you capture as much of the scene as possible, while sporting events generally require a telephoto lens that let you capture faraway players in high detail. Knowing what lens to choose will make it much easier to produce quality photos.

Learn how to use the ISO setting on your camera. It is the setting that determines the film speed. The higher you set your ISO, the more light that will come in. If you increase the ISO in dark settings you will capture more light making the photo turn out better.

Attempt to move closer to the person or thing that you want to take a picture of. Photos taken from far away don’t tend to be all that interesting because details or colors are too small to see. Make it easy for your viewers and you to see the subject vividly and clearly.

Go through the manual that came with your equipment. Even if most cameras are rather intuitive, a manual will explain you what every feature does and how to adjust it. Read your manual and then experiment with your camera. You should feel comfortable much quicker when you take the time to learn about your equipment.

Play with lens distortion. Most photographs use portrait lenses or zoom lenses to focus on an object, and use a wide-angle lens for landscapes and such. By using a lens for a different use than its intended one, you will get a very original photograph. Do not let this become your style: learn when you can use an original lens.

Having the knowledge is just the first step. Now you can apply what you have learned and produce amazing pictures. These techniques will help improve your photography skills, if you utilize them properly.