The Legend of Tarzan

The film was released on July 1st, 2016 in USA. The genre is drama/action with 1h 50m duration. The story is about Tarzan who lives in Victorian England. He is married with Jane and uses the name of John Clayton III. A treacherous Leon Rom who envoy for King Leopold lures Tarzan to come to Kongo. This is where the story begins. It turns out that he killed the son of chief Keewazi, the leader of Waziri tribe. It was not without reason but because Kolunga the son of chief Keewazi has killed Tarzan’s Ape mother first. So this is about vengeance after vengeance.

In the Box Office, 356.7 million USD has been earned. The Legend of Tarzan is a lot of fun, adventure, romance and adrenaline. There are beautiful forests, natural landscapes, digital animals and more. Well, there are pros and cons about this movie. And, we are discussing them with you.


Where is the original story of Tarzan? The real Tarzan would not love to stay a long time in the city. Jungle is his home sweet home where every single day is an adventure. I mean, Tarzan in a suite? Oh come on! This is simply not right for the story relatively to the king of the jungle. Well, apparently many viewers love it at all due to uniqueness and distinctive story line.

When it comes to optics, this Tarzan has always the bad one. I do not mean to be racist but hey it is so obvious. Except his childhood which was raised by apes and turned into a wild man. Although it is impossible and irrational, the story is not too hard to accept at all.

Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan has given the character a very good attraction. The diamond-cut muscles of his are indeed an attraction to the big-screen. It is a part of the allures to expose to audiences. I say just “nice”.

Leon Rom with his beaded talisman, he seems so powerful with it at his hands. I mean he is like an expert of martial art with talisman stuff. Even the mighty Tarzan cannot stand against him. Strangled and choked Tarzan looks helpless. But well, he is the hero in the story so it would not be funny at all to see him defeated.

One of the most exhilarating scenes is that the flock of wild the beast rumbling to destroy Leon Rom’s port house. It is so much. Another scene is where Tarzan fighting Akut. It is just awesome although only a few minutes scene.

Siliwangi Food Market | Tempat Multipurpose Mahasiswa Tasikmalaya

Siliwangi food market adalah salah satu tempat untuk nongkrong, ngerjain tugas , sampai ngomongin orang, yang sangat nyaman di area Jalan Siliwangi Tasikmalaya. Orang tau nyatempat ini Sfm (Disingkat).

Pasalnya tempat ini menyediakan macam-macam food court yang harganya ramah dikantong mahasiswa.

Gua sering kesini jika banyak tugas tugas kelompok , karena Sfm menyediakan tempat duduk yang bervariasi dan banyak colokan. Selain itu fasilitas wifi dan music yang menenangkan jiwa, membuat kita betah berlama lama untuk tetap stay diSfm .

Siliwangi Food Market Tasikmalaya

Walaupun sebenernya yang namanya Kerja kelompok di tempat kaya gini tuh mitos kalo beres.

Sfm memiliki 2 spot yang bebas dipilih oleh pengunjung, tempatnya lebih ke outdoor sama indoor yang saling bersebrangan gitu lah. Jadi bisa pilih sesuai mood kalian.

Disini makanan nya cukup bervariatif, mulai dari makanan berat,ringan, cemilan, desert, sama minuman cukup bakal membuat mood makan kalian bertambah.

Disini kalo malem minggu juga suka rame, soalnya kadang suka ada live show gitu. Dan jangan khawatir soal kendaraan soalnya sfm menyediakan lahan parkir yang luas dan tukang parkir yang beringas. I meant santuy lah soal nyimpen kendaraan disini.

Fresh Vegetable Garden

Delicious Ideas Vegetable Garden Design

Delicious cooking with vegetables and herbs from your own garden . Or start a vegetable garden design with your children , maintain it and enjoy the harvest. The vegetable garden in your garden – large or small – is fun, educational and healthy . In every garden there is room for a vegetable garden. There are various ways to design a vegetable garden, for example in pots and planters . Read below tips and ideas for a nice vegetable garden in your garden.

Many vegetable and herb plants cannot stand night frost. For example, basil, tomato plants and bell pepper plants freeze immediately in the frost. But other young vegetable and herb plants also do not tolerate frost. Therefore ask which plants can and cannot stand the cold or wait until the frost has disappeared. You can of course also choose to sow in a protected, frost-free place.

Of course, there is no pesticide associated with a vegetable garden. This way you are 100% sure that you eat organic. Regularly check the plants for, for example, caterpillars or other insects. And accept that sometimes something fails or is eaten from leaves. Not every type of vegetable or herb that you sow or plant needs the same space. Take this into account.

Ideas of Best Paint Color for Bedroom

The best paint color for bedroom is a personal part of decorating a room. It not only represents your personality but also helps create the environment you are trying to achieve. Interior designers recommend certain colors of paint for bedrooms that work best to create a warm and quiet environment.

Shades of blue are known to have a calming and tranquil effect. The light and muted colors are very popular and considered universal, which means that they can match the decoration and style of many furniture designs. Avoid painting dark shades of blue, as it is difficult to achieve a uniform finish. In addition, dark colors can make a room look smaller. The green tones are also associated with the feeling of tranquility. Like the blue colors, light and neutral green tones are versatile and work well in most rooms, especially bedrooms. Avoid very dark shades of green; It is another color that is very difficult to get a uniform paint job.

The smell of lavender is associated with relaxation and serenity and so is color. Light purples, like lavender, give a room a warm and rich feeling. Deep, bright reds tend to evoke exciting and vibrant feelings and therefore are not considered the best colors for bedrooms. However, muted pink and brown shades can be used to create a romantic and sensual feeling, perfect for rest and relaxation.

Exterior Door Paint Colors

Kinds of Front Door Paint Colors

Front door paint colors – The front door of a house is your letter of introduction. So it is important to make a good impression and at the same time, create a welcoming reception for the family and the guests. Black is a classic color of the front door that works with more than just traditional houses. With a contemporary, modern or Craftsman style home, a black front door looks great. Don’t limit yourself to pure black if you’re choosing black for your front door.

Point of the garden

Green may not be the first color you think of choosing for your front door color ideas. But it should definitely be included in your list of color possibilities. Green paint colors like Sherwin-Williams Garden Spot are a fresh alternative to warm paint colors. A new door color is a simple way to update your home in a subtle way. When choosing a green paint color for your front door, consider the nearby landscape and foliage. And choose one that complements rather than blending into its surroundings.

Raisin Cakes

Could a purple exterior door paint colors be the answer to livening up the curb appeal of your home? Violet has grown in popularity for entry doors, as it is a nice complement to all shades of green foliage. The choice of the right violet is fundamental. Since the colors can vary from a juice of grape to a rich bordeaux like the raisins of Benjamin Moore. The color of your home will be the best guide to choosing the right purple. So, before committing, be sure to sample the colors together.

Buy Pumps for Pond

Choosing Ideal Pumps for Pond

Pumps for pond – Many dream of a garden pond with water lilies and a calm water mirror. Water in the garden gives the garden its own tranquility, and attracts a lot of wildlife to the garden. No matter what size you have on the garden, you can always have room for a pond. From the small garden to the terraced garden and terrace, all have room for a pond or water mirror.

There is no point in what is right and wrong, and there are many ways to make a pond and area around. For the garden pond we recommend 7 fish species that can survive the winter as long as the garden pond is protected from the frost. These 7 fish are goldfish, gold item, nose fish, koi carp, sterlet, diamond stock and pumpkin.

The nose fish is a member of the carp family and is typically a slim, elongated fish with a gray and silver colored body. A nose fish is best kept in shoals of a minimum of 6 fish – much more like several together. The fish is particularly popular because it is algae-eating and stays away from the water plants of the pond (as opposed to koi and grass-pumpkin).

Wooden Window Pane

How to Hang Window Pane

Many prefer a window pane to a fixed one because it allows natural light to filter in, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy. You can solve this problem by covering the glass pane with a curtain. Covering your French door hides their decorative elements. Use a feedback to group center of curtain together to reveal their ornamental squares and let in some light.


Find the height and width of the glass windows on a French door with a tape measure. You need a curtain that is at least 2 inches higher and wider than the glass area. Create drill markings 2 inches above and below the glass pane. Place a mark in each corner, above or below, box.

Connect the best-left and upper-right drill markings with a straight line. Then use a level to make sure the line is still. Repeat the process for the lower drill markings. Drill holes in the center of each drill with a hand drill effect. Place the screw holes in each bar mount over the pilot holes. Then secure the brackets in place with the supplied screws. Insert a curtain rod into the front bar of the curtain and the other into the lower bar pocket. Attach the ends of each bar in the bar brackets attached to the door.

Bay Window Bench Seat Cushions

Window Seat Cushions: Full of Sunshine!

The list of cozy window seat cushions and bay windows with a beautiful view accompanies you through your search for the perfect corner where you can relax, read, drink a glass of tea or watch the kids playing in the garden. Building a corner of such a window has always been a challenge for many people: how do you get the most out of the room under the window so that it feels comfortable and adds charm to the whole room?

By using small sofas, pillows, pillows, even small mattresses, you can have a wonderful window seat. The window seat can become your favorite place in the house when the edge is wide enough to accommodate a seat, or you can choose small sofas to make the seats you have always dreamed of.

Beautiful it looks here, full of sunshine, wonderful views from the window! This is the perfect place to relax! There you can also raise many pillows and throw pillows. This can also be the perfect place to store your books. By filling a shelf with the very best versions, you can better utilize the comfortable seating of your home. Different types of decorations and shapes can enhance the appearance of a window.

Draper Steel Mesh Garden Cart

Garden Utility Cart Plan Ideas

Garden utility cart can be very useful when performing outdoor tasks, such as carrying dirt or plants around the yard. This antique trolley will provide you with a way to carry gardening equipment in the yard with ease. This car can be built in approximately two days. Soon you will wonder how he could have gone without him.

Measure and draw the necessary shapes to the plywood. You will need a rectangle base that measures 23 inches by 4 feet, two sides of the rectangle that measure 4 feet by 15 inches, two rectangle braces that measure 28 inches by 3 inches, two handles that measure 6 feet by 2 inches, two clamps for the Legs that measure 2 inches by 15 inches, one side of the rectangle that is 23 inches by 15 inches, and a leg that measures 24 inches by 2 inches. You will also need two scrap metal strips that are 4 feet long.

Cut the shapes from the wood with the saw. Sand all shapes until they are soft. Use the jigsaw to round off the ends of the two sides of the carriage. Then, sand until smooth. Mount the base by placing the pieces as follows. Place the measuring keys 4 x 15 parallel to the ground. Place the 6 foot handles perpendicular to the first pieces on top of them.

How To Build A Fishing Pond

How To Build A Pond With Waterfall

How To Build A Pond – Waterfall attraction is a gem of a landscape that creates a relaxed atmosphere that enlivens family, friends and neighbors. Satisfaction with claiming ownership of this invention is another advantage of the project itself. Before you can build your own waterfall pool, having knowledge of the parts and tools needed is mandatory. To build a functional waterfall .

While you go to build quality materials – setting your own waterfall and construction will be much cheaper than if you hire a professional. Material prices combined with manual labor can make a relatively expensive bill. You will also lose a satisfying experience to make this DIY project yourself. At present, the market is filled with many layouts for assemblies and repairs that are simple and inexpensive to install.

When making your own waterfall, stone is usually the preferred material, because it is one of the cheapest approaches to use. You also need a diving pump to control the flow of water. The tube will flow from the pump to the top of the waterfall, which recycles water and ensures it flows down consistently. The tube is hidden using large flowers. Rigid pond vessels are also used. For additional tools and equipment needed for do-it-yourself waterfalls, you need to gather a class of carpenters, strong shovels, sand and reliable garden hoses. The DIY shop will bring all the above inventory needed for this type of project.