Wooden Gate Designs

Popular Style of Wood Fence Gate Designs

Wood Fence Gate Designs – Wooden doors can be very complicated or crudely functional, depending on whether they are necessary for safety or aesthetic reasons. The relatively simple operating design allows adding any number of embellishments. Wooden doors first became widespread in the 16th century, when the feudal lords of England began segregating their farmland as part of the enclosing process.

The cornice and orthopedic or a “z” style wooden door, is usually used as a side entrance to a garden. The slats that form its front part are supported on the back by a sequence of horizontal beams that are supported by a diagonal beam between each one. This design gives it the strength to withstand frequent use, even if they require considerations of space that is narrow.

Wooden field doors offer a low impact entrance to a driveway, field or other open space. Field doors are typically formed from a series of horizontal beams with a pole at each end and a single diagonal beam that crosses the space between. Some country doors incorporate an independent pedestrian entrance, in addition to the door, which allows vehicle access. Because the single door is hinged at one end, sufficient space is required for it to open.

Image Chain Link Fence

How to Estimate Chain Link Fence Post Spacing

Estimating chain link fence post spacing material makes it easy to calculate the cost of the entire project. It helps you prepare a budget, provides a target for savings and serves as a baseline shopping list for materials needed for the project. A detailed map of the planned fence area is needed to give a rough estimate of the necessary materials, as well as an understanding of the components of a chain link fence system.


Place one insert at each end and each corner of the planned fence area. Measure the perimeter of the planned chain link fence post area and record the measurements on the routed paper. Use a brake pad for each foot of the fence. Select the location for corners and gate posts on the routed paper. Count the number needed for the project. These are called the poles and are both longer and thicker in diameter than line inserts.

Each terminal insert requires a brace band, an end cap and a dome. Each terminal insert also requires a voltage bar. Adding an extra voltage wore during the process of stretching the chain link fence. Each terminal post also requires three straps. Calculate the number of bags of concrete you need to set terminal posts. You need ¬Ĺ bag of concrete for each terminal. Count the number of feet around the perimeter of the entire fenced area. This is the number of feet of fence and the top rail. Add at least 10 feet for the amount of 12-gauge tension wire required for the chain link fence so there is much left to bind off the tension wire on each terminal.

Black Chain Link Fence Decorations

Good Option to Use Chain Link Fence Decorations

Fence gardens are a valuable addition to the landscape around the house. To help keep the garden at its best during the growing season, you want to protect it from angry animals or storms. Setting up a fence provides such protection while adding more appeal to the landscape. There are several types of fences that you can use. Using chain link fence decorations is a good option when you want to mix the kitchen garden in the surrounding landscaping.

Use strike watch fencing when trying to keep pets and animals smaller. You can install a rail fences when you need to keep out your pet. Using the chicken net is an option when trying to limit rabbits, rats, mice and other smaller animals because it has smaller openings. The chicken nets are also mobile and you can take it down after each season.

Using the chicken net is a good option if you have an irregularly shaped vegetable garden or need fast fences for isolated places such as gardens growing in decks, containers or in heaps. Bury the wire at least 6 inches into the ground so animals cannot dig under it. Sheep wire is a stronger form of chicken net. Check the fence year round for holes or damage every year. Replace permanent fencing every five years if necessary.

Structural Mullion

Blue Deep Ocean

Foto ini diambil waktu gua kumpul di lekker. By the way ini jepretan dari M10 dengan lensa Fix.

Hasilnya tajam banget dan worth it dengan harganya yg sekitaran $500.

I think I prefer to take picture on M10 than on my Mobile. Secara idung gua minimalis kalo di handphone ngga ketangkep dengūüėā

Lensa fix memang bagus buat foto objek guys karena dengan kemampuan bokehnya menjadikan objek yang kita potret mejadi lebih real dan memiliki clarity yang jelas.

Tapi sayangnya lensa ini ga bisa dipake Selfie di M10. Soalnya dia emang ngezoom beda dengan lensa kit.

Oh iya ini sebenernya ini di edit lagi di Adobe lightroom, The real nuansa colornya sebenernya ungu tapi sama adobe lightroom ini di sulap jadi biru. Pokoknya emang lagi seneng banget pake lightroom soalnya warna yang bisa kita dapat tuh beda banget sama aplikasi lain yg sejenis.

Buy Tetra Pumps for Pond

Use Tetra Pond Pump Is A Good Idea!

Tetra pond pump – Water is life, we often say. A private water garden is dry and lifeless. To disinfect and treat water, you need a pump that must be connected to the pond. If you are a handyman, you can install this pond pump. However, it is still not easy to do it yourself if you are not an expert in the field. It is wise to approach a professional in the field to get his opinion and advice.

Dig a hole deep, this hole will be a place of refuge for koi fish during the winter when it is very cold. To integrate the pump, use the recovered soil to raise one side. There is on the market a device that allows to retain water, it is called liner. Choose the right quality and install it. Use the expertise of a pro who has a good command of the use of the liner.

It will introduce you to disinfection techniques and water treatment basin. These operations can not be done without a pump. For this, it is not advisable that you do the work of his installation yourself. It only takes a small mistake to ruin everything. Entrust this project to the one who has all the necessary skills to carry out this work.

Frameless Glass Balcony Systems Window

BUKBER di Saung Gunung Jati

23 Juli 2017 di hari ke 19 puasa gua sama temen temen gua going to buka bersama di saung gunung jati.

Saung gunung jati adalah resto tempat makan yang banyak digemari untuk berbuka puasa, selain paket makan yang ngga ribet tempat nyapun sangat nyaman walau kita kebagian di tempat lesehan karena udah penuh di booked sama orang lain.

Fokus tete guys

Kita dapet tempat lesehan dengan nomor 88, Dan yaa keliatan lah menu buka puasa nya kaya gimana

Kita udah stand by setengah jam sebelum adzan berkumandang, Selama itu kita ngobrol sama liatin makanan yang udah melambay lambay .

Dan tok torok tok tok, Buka puasa berlangsung flat karna sibuk makan dan suasana yang berisik membuat kita ngobrol se perlunya.
Ngga kaya sebelumya pas lagi sepi, Segala diobrolin sampe sampe ukuran BH astagfirullah.

Ini adalah Dokumentasi yang mengerikan, karna foto ini diambil pake Xiaomi.

Taukan Xiaomi kalo ga ada cahaya, Burik banget .

Gitu aja sih, Biar jadi kenangan aja lah

Outdoor Garden Lights in Magic Ideas

Outdoor garden lights – Good lighting in the garden creates coziness and above all ensures safety. We give inspiration, your personal taste determines! As long as the sun is shining, everything is beautiful, but it hardly gets dark, you drop in the garden almost in the same. Light in the garden must be for safety reasons and in many cases is a real eye-catcher.

Garden paths, terraces and garden pond need adequate lighting that you will see when you spend the evening in the garden. The lights do not have to work. Today, there are many opportunities with smart, you just need to know which and how to use them best. Light in the garden extends and frames your summer evenings. It can be anything from advanced LED solutions to a tea light in a jam glass, but the result is always the same:

The atmosphere is boosted. One can still create an almost adventurous mood by helping the light on the way. Whether it is a light chain thrown into a tree, light candles in lamps or your dream solution with buried LED lights – outdoor light always helps give the ravine an extra dimension. Be sure to see outdoor lights in the good store, here is not only a large selection, but also free shipping! A small insight into the range is shown in the photo gallery

Best Pond Filter Media Ideas

Homemade Pond Filter Media

Pond filter media – Colorful fish ponds need high quality filters to remove waste water. Instead of buying an expensive model, consider making a homemade fish pond filter that is just as effective. Put the homemade filter pond together, cut a hole in the side of the plastic container about one quarter the height of one side. This hole should be the correct size for a length of PVC pipe or hose pipe to fit inside. Use a sealant to hold the hose or tube securely. Also cut a large opening in the lid of the container. Cover this hole with the piece of the screen. Use the sealant to fix it to the inside of the lid.

Fill the colorful fish pond filter with layers of media. The rocks come first and then a thick layer of plastic balls. The rocks will help keep the homemade filter at the bottom of the pond, while both the balls provide ample space for beneficial bacteria to grow colonies. The filter with dental floss or a filter mat. Because goldfish are dirty, compared to others, smaller fish, this should be several inches thick, depending on the total size of the filter.

Clean the homemade pond filter regularly to maintain the beauty and health of your backyard water garden. Carefully lift the filter to the top of the water after turning off the pumps and removing the lid. Rinse both the lid and the filter or mat wire in a difficult stream of water from a garden hose. This will eliminate most debris. Do not disturb rocks or balls so that bacteria does not kill you.

Impressive Makan malam di Woody Kitchen Tasikmalaya

Halo brothers, Long time no see akhir akhir ini gua jarang post dikarenakan lagi Dilan.

Ya dilan da kesibukan hehe, Soalnya libur semester ganjil udah habis dan kerjaan lagi ngga bisa dinego.

Well, Hari ini gua bakalan cerita tentang tempat yang cukup terkenal di tasikmalaya , And the name of the place is WOODY KITCHEN.

Woody Kitchen terletak di Jalan BKR tepat bersebelahan dengan siliwangi fustal centre. Anak futsal pasti ngga bakalan asing lah dengan tempat ini.

Tempat ini selalu ramai dikunjungi dikala weekend maupun workdays.

Woody kitchen memiliki ornamen dan furniture yang berasal dari bahan kayu, sesuai dengan namanya woody yaitu kayu dalam bahasa inggris.

Tempat ini nyaman dan instagramable untuk semua kalangan, mulai dari anak muda sampai orang dewasa.

Woody juga memberikan live music loh disetiap malam minggu: accoustic, jaz, and country menjadi signature musik yang selalu show up disini.

Selain itu menu makan yang disajikan disini juga cukup beragam guys. Mulai dari indonesian western, Chinesse , dan Korean semaua ada disini.

Kebetulan gua kemarin pesen beef teriyaki dan rasanya..

lumayan enak, worth it dengan porsi dan sajiannya. Rasa khas paprika dan bawang bombay melebur dalam balutan teriyaki menjadi rasa yang dominan dimenu yang satu ini. Nasi yang berada dibawah mereka menjadi kejutan ketika gua mengaduk menu ini.

Pesanan datang cuman dalam waktu sepuluh menit, padahal waktu itu lagi rame. Untuk service nya gua akui satisfied banget.

Segitu dulu review gua kali ini, next time gua bakalan update postingan ini jika datang kesana lagi.

Paint Ideas Tiny Bathrooms

Tiny bathrooms РWhile many bathrooms are small, especially the decoration of a small room of powder or half bath can be a serious challenge. Since you must make room for the sink and toilet, your design options are limited. You can add color, dimension and visual interest to even the smallest bathroom by choosing the right paint products, techniques or patterns. The key is to maintain the simple bathroom appearance. To ensure the small space that is not overwhelmed by vivid colors and busy patterns.
Light colors tiny bathrooms. When planning the color of the bathroom. Avoid the dark tones as they can close in the room and make it feel even smaller. Instead, opt for light shades that reflect the light and give the illusion of a wider space to make the bathroom look bigger. White is a safe option, as it is a neutral tone with which you can match many colors. Pure white can sometimes create a raw, cold feel, so a whitish shade like ivory or cream is often a better choice. Tan and gray are other neutral tones to consider. Pastel shades such as blue sky, lilac, mint and peach. Also light yellow color are appropriate depending on the look you want to achieve.
Stencil border tiny bathrooms. The addition of a mural to your bathroom provides a focal point to give it dimension and visual interest in space. In a small bathroom, a large wall mural can overwhelm the room and make it feel too full. If you want to add a graphic element to the bathroom walls, a stencil border is an ideal alternative. You can find the templates in a variety of shapes, pictures and designs at craft stores. So you can create a custom border that suits your bathroom decor. It is usually best to opt for a smaller border to keep the scale is in proportion to the size of your room.
Vertical pin stripes tiny bathrooms. In a small bathroom, using a large, bold pattern on the walls can displace the space and make you feel too busy. A subtle model can provide visual interest and give your bathroom a more capricious look. Vertical striped fabrics are an ideal model for a small bathroom because they seem to lengthen the walls. And the ceiling makes it appear taller so the room feels larger. This method is also an ideal way to incorporate a dark, bold shade into your bathroom. Since you can start with a white background or cream for the pattern. And also add fine stripes in a vibrant color like red, yellow, purple or turquoise.